Custom Applications

When it comes to the Cloud Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences have special needs. 8K Miles makes it stress-free for your organization to embrace the Cloud and reap all the benefit the Cloud offers while at the same time meeting your security and compliance needs.


Shared Responsibility

CloudEzCare™ examines the significance and implications of the Shared Responsibility for Health Care Entities


An exclusive HealthCare Cloud platform/framework that helps Health Care entities to Securely embrace Cloud and continuously meet Health Care compliance such as HIPAA-HITECH/GXP etc

Cost Optimization

Natively Optimized for Cost, Performance with advanced Security architecture and best practices

Integrated Dashboard

All-in-One Integrated dashboard (RxDash™) provides powerful Interface to Manage, Control and Audit the entire IT Portfolio


EzIAM™, a Powerful Identity and Access Management Solution enables Health Care organizations to provision, control and monitor Workforce Access Control and Management.

Secure Cloud

Proven and Secured Cloud platform exclusively built for Security and Compliancy focused Health Care Entities


Qualified Solution Stack & Proven SIEM for Health Care in the Cloud

Best Practices

Operational Guidelines and Best Practices

How Pharmaceuticals Are Securely Embracing The Cloud

Discussion on how Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies are leveraging the Cloud to increase their competitive posture while addressing the unique regulatory compliance requirements.

CloudEz takes the unknown out of your Business Transformation

CloudEz gives you the framework to build a Cloud Self-Serve platform.

  • Users can now quickly request and deploy resources with a few simple clicks.
  • It has the agility to meet the growing business demands and set up workflows that address all of the enterprise’s security, compliance and governance needs
  • We bring the Subject Matter Experts to staff / augment your cloud competency center with:
    • Agile Project Managers
    • Cloud Automation Engineers
    • Cloud Security Engineers
    • Cloud Network Engineers
    • Identity and Access Management Engineers
  • Proven processes to develop Cloud IT services in an agile manner
  • Integration of Cloud operations, security, and service management tools
  • We have a tested repository of Cloud Automation code artifacts to kick start your organizations foray into the Cloud.


Automate operations of Backup, Restore, Archive, Data Removal etc

Turn Around Time

Quick response to query and fixing the issues


Customized report generation

24*7 Support

24*7 Chat service to support and manage your cloud